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The Ministry of Health and Welfare:English&Japanese
For traveler abraod:Malaria Network Japan(English&Japanese)

【Convenient knowledge in emergency ?】

Tokyo fire department
For the safety of "RESIDENT-FRIENDLY" Tokyo.(English&Japanese)
Are you well?
This site contains "Everyday health tips, Sicknesses you should know, Health forecast, etc."(English&Japanese)
Hepatology on the Web
It is a Homepage providing informations about liver disease.(English&Japanese)
lala start for child
Child development clinic.This is a cyber baby clinic to help you nurture you baby's interpersonal skills, to help their healthy development. Until March 1997, you may receive advice suitable to your baby's age up to one year, free of charge, to your E-mail address.(English&Japanese)
Virtual clinic
About Virulent O-157 Bacteria (Entero-pathogenic Strain of Escherichia Coli).(English&Japanese)
Pediatric department, the univwesity of Tokyo.
Our department was established in 1889 as the first pediatric department in Japan. It is of utmost pleasure for us to participate in the world wide information network as internet. We hope we could facilitate mutual and honest information exchanges through this network.(English&Japanese)
Tohoku University School of Medicine Department of Pediatrics
Only proffesor's greeting is in English!?(English&Japanese)
The national cancer center cancer information service (English & Japanese)
"12 important matter to prevent cancer" "simple knowledge of "medicine of painkiller" are carried. In particular I expect a symptom, illness in cancer information, and side effects of treatment are carried finely.
Medical care information service for foreign tour person (Japanese only partialy English)
Medical care information in overseas is carried much. Vaccination / the prevention medicine or current contagious disease information want to check it before a voyage by all means.
Chiropractic in Japan (English& Japanese)
We can know one way of thing about Chiropractics. A method to learn the history and technique, Chiropractors are commented on.

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