My Hobby

Reading:I read a book in Sinkansen.
My favorite authors: A.J.Quinnell, Clive Cussler, Jeffrey Archer, John Grisham, Mary H. Clark, Sidney Sheldon, Tom Clancy.    
Gardening: I always bring up around 40 kinds of plants.
Photo: It is often found to take a photograph of my family.
I may play golf only two or three times in one year.  
I am very poor at golf, but I've enjoyed playing golf for 20 years.
Ice hockey:
I love Hockey !
Three cushions, 4 balls, 9 balls, anything I can play. But not so good at all.
In my old days, I liked jazz, rock,etc.
But I can only hear nursery rhyme of my daughter's recently.
My favolite Baseball team:
Yomiuri GIANTS     
GIANTS ranks 2nd now, but only 4.5 games behind Dragons(Sep. 8).
Sake:To taste Sake is one of my hobby ?
I think Kiyoizumi Ginjo is the best SAKE in Niigata Pref. Let's try it!!!


Department of Horticulture:Kagawa University
Hibiya Kadan:One of the famous florist's shops in Japan.
SAS:Southern All Stars(Rock Band?)
Hot springs in Izu:Japanease only

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I'm no match for you.
T.Arakawa (C)