Ice Hockey

  • JIHL
  • :New season start on Sep. 30.   Go Snow & Bucks !
  • Japan National Team
  • :Japan capture AsiaCup 2000.
  • Nagano Olympic
  • :Team Japan did very well, they got a victory after an interval of 22 years in Olympic games.
  • College hockey League
  • :Kanto college hockey league and Medical college hockey league.
  • NHL
  • : The countdown to the 2000-2001 season is in its final stages as Dallas prepares to host Colorado on Wednesday, Oct. 4 at 8 p.m.   
  • News
  • :Hockey is a real man's sport!

    The 5th order in NAGANO !!!


    In my college days,I was a member of ice hockey team.

    IIHF:International Ice Hockey Federation(official)
    NHL:Official home page of National Hockey League.
    JIHF:By Japan Ice Hockey Federation(official),there are JIHL's schedule and result ,etc. (English )
    Ice Hockey in S.E. Asia:By AsiaSports (English )
    Nagano Olympic 1998 Info.:(English ):No one of ice hockey fans knew dream teams lost gold.
    German Hockey Home Page : (English )
    Royal Belgian Ice Hockey Federation KBIJF: (English )
    College Hockey Homepage:USA collage hockey league official
    Canadian Hockey Assosiation:!
    Ice Hockey history:You should be known about it before talking hockey.

    Club Team Information
    Pirates Jr. Ice Hockey Club:Jr. Ice Hockey team in Aomori pref.! (Japanease only)
    Numazu ice hockey club:In Shizuoka Pref.(English&Japanese)
    SilverSeals's Homepage !:Women's Ice Hockey club team in Tokyo(English&Japanese)
    Hikone Lakestars Homepage :by Yosuke Inomata in Shiga pref.(English&Japanese)
    Tokyo Canadians Hockey Club:The Tokyo Canadians are an independent ice hockey team consisting
    of ex-pat Canadians hailing from Vancouver Island, B.C. all the way to Bedford, Nova Scotia.
    In addition to the boys from the Great White North,
    there are four Japanese pucksters on the squad.(English )

    More Info !
    Ice Hockey Home Page in Japan: by Tahara Tomonori (English and Japanease)
    Hockey Lab JAPAN:Hiroki & Mikio Wakabayashi 's H.P.(English only)
    Kyusyu Ice Hockey League?:By Yoichiro Yamakoshi(Japanease only)

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