Asia Cup1998 (Sep.4-6 At Tokyo's Higashi Fushimi Arena)

Sep.4 South Korea 1-0 China
Sep.5 Japan 15-2 China
Sep.6 Japan 9-2 South Korea
(Sep.6) Center Toshiyuki Sakai opened the scoring only 1:48 into the first period and when Cho Sung Min pulled one back for South Korea 11:49 into the second period , the Japanese had already scored five goals. Sakai and Kunihiko Sakurai struck twice each, while Takahito Suzuki, Daniel Daikawa, Kiyoshi Fujita and Tsutsumi Otomo were also on target. Defender Lee Ho Jung managed to gain a consolation goal 18:53 into the third period with a shot after a save by Japanese goaltender Dusty Imoo.